Feb. 2018 ©Lenscom/Maxppp The Missings of Perpignan, a bloody case that remained a long time enigma,

with successive suspects, and dramatic turns of events, until Jacques Rançon, 50 year old, was arrested in 2014 after his DNA matched with evidence samples.
His trial should be held from March 5th to March 30th, 2018 in Perpignan, France, before the Assize Court of the Eastern Pyrenees.

Jacques Rançon, a former forklift operator-storekeeper and a long-term sexual offender, is sued for the assassinations of two young women.
He acknowledged to have killed Mokhtaria Chaïb, found atrociously mutilated on December 21st, 1997 in the district of the train station.
He also recognized the rape and assassination of Marie-Hélène Gonzales, 22 year old, whose body had been found end of June 1998, under similar conditions.
The suspect is also accused of an attempted murder perpetrated on May 9th, 1998, also in Perpignan:
a young woman, 19 year old, had been stabbed several times in the belly, before succeeding to escape her attacker.

He was also indicted for an attempted rape committed on September 10th, 1997, shortly after he arrived in Perpignan.
According to prosecution, Jacques Rançon would have tried to rape a young girl, whereas he had just settled in a small hotel near the station of Perpignan.
He had just left the Amiens prison where he had spend five years for the rape of a young woman.

Two other young women had disappeared on the same time in the Perpignan Station.
One, Tatiana Andujar, has never been found. The other, Fatima Idrahou had been killed by a man, afterwards condemned to 30 years of reclusion.